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Rexburg is a pretty small town compared to most BYU-I students’ hometowns. Usually, there are a lot of different clothing shops to find what you want. However, Freeman Clothing is one of the only men’s clothing store in Rexburg. Freeman Clothing is in Hemming Village, which is right next to the Pines. Freeman Clothing offers suits, socks, ties, and many more items for men’s needs.



guy in a suit sitting on a chair

One of the main clothing options Freeman Clothing offers is suits. They have a variety of suits just for you for any occasion. Each suit offers a different style for you to choose from. The right suit for you starts at the suit jacket, which leads to the pants and ends at your shoes. Freeman Clothing offers free in-house alterations to any suit you buy to make sure that it’s tailored to you.



four ties

This men’s clothing company wants to make sure you get a tie that will last you a lifetime. Some easy ways to help make your tie last are by making sure you untie your tie the right way. Also how you store, pack and clean your tie helps makes your tie last.



two pairs of shoes from Freeman Clothing

During the fall and winter semester at BYU-I, there’s a lot of snow. Just stating the obvious. The snow and salt on the roads can ruin your shoes. But don’t worry, Freeman has written 3 tips on how to keep your shoe top notch during the winter.


Freeman Clothing carries church clothing, missionary packages, and formal wear. With this store being only for men, you don’t need to worry about girls coming with you and shopping for a long time. Come in, find what you need, and then leave. It’s that simple and it is so close to the Pines.


Start your semester off right by checking out Freeman Clothing. It’s for men like you.