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Trying to figure out a cheap dinner idea, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your apartment at the Pines? Stock up with Ramen Noodles. A 12-pack of Ramen Noodles are less than $2.50 at Walmart. This is a cheap way to get your cooking on. By adding one or a couple of things to your noodles you become an elite chef in the Ramen Noodle world.
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You can venture into this world of ramen noodle meals by just trying different spices each time you make a package. Add curry, red pepper, or citrus juice for a little more flavor right before you start to eat.


If you want to take it up a notch, cook some vegetables. Spinach and green leaves are a fast vegetable to add right before you eat. By adding broccoli, carrots, or any other vegetable, you can make a gourmet meal.



If you really want a challenge, try adding both vegetables and spices. Once again, if you don’t like it then you can try again a different time.



Adding some different types of protein to your noodles is always a smart way to go. There’s a lot of different options you can add based on how long you want to take to cook your meals.


  • Another protein to add is meat. Try chicken or beef with the regular chicken or beef flavoring. It doesn’t matter which one you want for this dinner idea.


After you try these different, simple additions to add more flavor to your ramen, you can try more advanced recipes. Like a 7 ingredient Chicken and Broccoli Ramen recipe.


The great thing with cooking is you can customize it to your liking. You don’t need to follow the recipes strictly. Go out and have fun with your cooking!